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Selling In Panama

If you have purchased a property in Panama, you will definitely need some assistance with selling when you are ready.  Selling here is much different than in North America.  But no matter what kind of property you have, we can definitely help.  With little to no MLS service in Panama, you will need all the help you can get and we would be more than happy to assist you through this process.  


No one gets anywhere alone, and we want you to know that we are here to help.


Why Choose Us?  Over the years, we have accumulated an excellent reputation for selling properties and getting the job done.  Also, with these years of working here in Panama, we have established a very large client base, network of associates, very high ranking with search engines and can ensure your property obtains the proper exposure it deserves.  


We have extensive experience with search engine ranking as well and are always maintaining and updating our systems for our online audience (mobile & PC users, 24/7!).  This audience is also growing, every month, our hits go up by thousands (unique visitors) with 5x more as returning visitors.  We keep our information online fresh, updated and current so provide the best possible details for our clients and visitors.  We have excellent client pools in the US and Canada as well as deep roots locally here in Panama.


Having a strong an growing online presence is one of the most important aspects with marketing in real estate nowadays.  Reaching the global population is key to help in selling your property.  And with our unique selling system, your property will be available world wide to a huge population!  


We will personally visit you at your property, go through the selling process with you, including pricing and marketing to make sure everything is clear and work out showing details as well to your convenience.  


Not only do we have our own team, we also have the expertise of RE/MAX Beaches and City to utitlize and help get your property sold.  From there, we have also expanded our reach with a string of TRUSTED & certified associates across the country which we can use to help serve you.  Over the years our real estate network has grown with leaps and bounds, as we were able to develop a great sharing network if the need arises.  These other trusted agents also return to us and we help them with their clients as well for a great mutual benefit for all.  


Exclusive Selling and its Benefits!  Here in Panama, as a seller, you have two options when using an agent/broker to help sell your property.  You can use a Non-Exclusive contract meaning you can have as many other agents and brokers advertising your property as you like.  This sounds like an attractive option at first, having many feet doing the running for you...  


However, this is not always the case...actually almost never is.  Doing a non-exclusive contract and having a ton of agents displaying the property does not ensure you they will actually do it.  And would you be able to follow up with all the agents and make sure they are doing all they can to sell your property?  Probably not...  


The result is usually these agents/brokers you are using are usually not actually doing the running you thought they were, they won't be pushing the property like they should or ensuring its getting the attention it needs as they know there are 20 other agents posting your listing up on the same free sites with the basic info and just leaving it there, hoping someone, somewhere stumbles across it and picks that listing and emails/calls them...  Essentially they are not accountable to you and won't be working their hardest.


Does that sound like a great marketing scheme to you?


Doing an Exclusive Listing Contract with us, ensures you that we will do everything we can to push that listing out to our current clients, marketing it as much as possible, making it available to our huge online audience, promote it on all the top sites (including ours) and ensuring its displaying all the complete relevant information, quality pictures and watching the stats carefully.  At your request, we can send you the listing links as well so you can view it for yourself.  


We will work hard for you, and do as much running as possible for your property.  Our marketing arm reaches a global audience across North America, Europe as well as Central/South America and locally here in Panama.  And with the RE/MAX name and RE/MAX systems behind us, you know your Exclusive Listing with us will be literally global under the best real estate name in the world, RE/MAX!  


Your property with us, will guarantee exposure and attention.  We will work for you, and remain accountable to you!


Negotiating for You and Your Wants!  When we obtain the proper serious buyer(s) for you, we will give them the proper information and details they require and you can rest assured that we will make sure your needs are voiced and met as best as possible.  Negotiating on your behalf is something we have extensive experience in and enjoy!  Your property and your wishes are our concern.  


Helping you get the value your property is worth and your satisfaction is our priority and we will run for you those extra miles to make sure the deal is done property!

As always, please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions!